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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Updated: Jan 22

Happy Tuesday!

If you are following my monthly blogs (my hope is that you are), you may have read a very similar blog last year. However, the issue of domestic violence is still very prevalent. For this reason, I've chosen to some extent recycle this information previously shared with you.  

Despite the delay, I would be remiss if I didn’t send this message to you. The month of October raises awareness to various issues; a commonly known issue during this month is breast cancer. You will notice tons of pink products in stores and limited products that raise awareness to the isolating issue known as domestic violence.

Domestic Violence “is a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner.” Awareness of this issue began with a day of unity facilitated by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The day of unity evolved to a week, then a month following the declaration of October as DVAM in 1989.

This issue became near and dear to me at a young age due to my mother and father’s IPV (intimate partner violence) relationship. Additionally, several women in my family endured relationship abuse. I'm uncertain as to whether or not the women in my family had the verbiage to describe their experiences and/or if they were simply demonstrating what they believed to be normal relationship behavior patterns. As a result, I became an advocate for survivors of abuse. Their experiences fueled my passion for women to recognize their worth and walk away from anything that is less than what they deserve. 

Please note that both males and females can be abuse survivors. 

As you take time this week and, in the weeks, to come, I encourage you to intentionally check in with someone who may be experiencing abuse. A self-inventory qualifies. Abuse isn’t always visible (physical) and survivors learn to skillfully hide their experiences (this doesn't define the status of their relationship with you). Abuse may consist of stalking, verbal, emotional, sexual, spiritual, financial, reproductive coercion, and digital abuse. Without judgment (read it again), seek out ways to help. Examples include: I’m concerned about you, are you okay?

Remember: Healthy love doesn’t include abuse. Also, the month of October isn't the only opportunity to raise awareness. Prevention is key!

Feel free to share with someone!

Take time, talk soon!


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