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Reset & Reflect 2k24!

Updated: Jan 22

Happy Tuesday!

In a previous blog email, I stated many people use the new year and birthdays to hit the reset button on life, welp it’s that time of the year! Reset and reflect! To reset and reflect allows you the opportunity to self-assess and increase your awareness of the areas progress was demonstrated. Additionally, it allows you to increase insight into the areas additional progress is needed not to mention an opportunity to return with a clearer mind.

During the month of December, you may have reflected immensely on things, people and situations that impacted your ability to live, laugh, love and learn throughout the year. My hope is that you enter this new year with grace and compassion for others, but most importantly SELF. 

During your reset and reflection period, you may have discovered you didn’t accomplish all goals from last year. You may have discovered you’re still working on saying no, defining goals, showing up for yourself, exercising regularly, eating healthier, finding work/life balance, listening to your body, learning you don’t have to earn rest, etc. This list isn’t all encompassing, but I hope you catch my drift. The great thing is you are in discovery mode and attentive to your needs as evidenced by the first things that came to mind as you read through the list. Now that you are aware of the GROWS, let’s GLOW to work (hopefully you caught that). :)

Remember and state these affirmations:

-I can hit the reset button at any time on anything that has impacted my ability to live, love, laugh & learn.

-A reset doesn't negate my past efforts. I have a right to hit reset as many times as needed.

-A reset allows me to start anew. 

-My awareness is information that provides me an opportunity to improve any undesired behavior. 

-I can GROW & GLOW simultaneously. 

-I'm constantly growing & evolving into my best self. 

Feel free to keep, filter or discard the statements or simply add your own. 

Feel free to share with a friend! 

Take time, talk soon!


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