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Updated: Jan 22

Happy Tuesday!

If you are reading this, you have entered the holiday season, and you are almost finished with 2k23! You survived, pat yourself on the back (no really, do it)

"Holidays remind us to slow down, breathe and appreciate the beauty around us. It's a time to nourish our souls and recharge our spirits."

Last year I encouraged you to reflect on GROWS and GLOWS. This year I'm encouraging you to briefly reflect on breakdowns. What BREAKTHROUGHS followed? Some of you may have noticed the list of breakdowns flowed more easily, while reflecting on BREAKTHROUGHS requires intentionality.

In what ways might our perspectives change if we were more intentional about our thoughts throughout each year? In what ways might our perspectives change if we were more intentional about slowing down to breathe or assess our thoughts and feelings? 

As we approach the end of 2023, I encourage increased intentional reflection on the practice of shifting one's focus on BREAKTHROUGHS vs breakdowns. You may be familiar with the saying "where the mind goes, the energy flows." As a primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, I've found this to be true. When you find yourself struggling to shift your focus simply slow down, breathe and state to yourself W.A.I.T (what am I thinking). If you find yourself participating in stinking thinking, challenge those thoughts with a statement that is rational and realistic. Check the facts of your thoughts. Remember, you are more in control of what you focus on than you may believe

Remember: refuel, recharge, then return your focus to what you broke free from vs the situation that broke you down! 

Take time, talk soon! Happy Holidays! 

Feel free to share with a friend or anyone that may benefit

Take time, talk soon!


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