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Seasons Changing

Happy Tuesday!

I took this picture in November of 2018. I had no idea it would guide my message for the blog five years later. During my patio reflection time, I was reminded of the small things I'm grateful for. On this day, I was grateful for nature and my ability to capture this photo. This photo was a reminder of the seasons changing. You know, spring forward, fall back. Cold mornings, warm evenings. Boot weather one week, sandal weather the following week. The uncertainty pertaining to whether the heat or the air should be on in your home. Catch my drift?


With that being said, we are quickly approaching the new year and the reflection on the past year begins. If you are somewhat organized, you may have created a list of goals at the beginning of the year. For those of you who are slightly less organized, you may have made a mental list of your priority goals. Either way, the end of the year may influence reflection on how quickly time passes (each year). The year ending may influence reflection on past seasons and I’m not only referring to the weather. I’m referring to those rough patches we encountered throughout the year. 

My hope is that you take time to reflect on the past year and/or the changing of the seasons, but not for too long. Oftentimes, we can remain in a season longer than we should be consciously or unconsciously, physically, or emotionally. This may include harboring emotions from a past season of life although the event that influenced the emotion has ended. Much like the photo, it is okay to hold onto reminders from past seasons of life. However, I encourage filtering or discarding anything from a past season of life that has impacted your ability to accomplish your goal list. Filter or discard anything that has impacted your ability to live, laugh, love or learn.

Remember: “The changing of the seasons is a reminder to live in the present and accept each moment as it comes.”


Feel free to share with a friend or anyone who may benefit!


Take time, talk soon! 


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